Bulk Customer Tag Manager

15 Feb

Bulk Customer Tag Manager

If you are a Shopify user, you know how tedious and time consuming it can be to add a tag or multiple tags to a large group of customers for your store. Many stores utilize customer tagging to add and remove special features for their store for specific customers. The slow process of adding and removing tags makes tag-specific Shopify features slow to set up. Using the Bulk Customer Tag Manager app on Shopify, customer tags can now be added effortlessly!

Adding Tags To Single Customers

The Bulk Customer Tag Manager has many useful features to allow you to better manage customer tags. Adding tags to specific customers is as easy as adding the tag in the input box and clicking “Add Tags”.

Adding Tags To Multiple Customers

Adding tags to multiple customers is much the same as adding a single tag: type the desired tag in the input boxes and clicking “Add Tags”.

Adding Multiple Tags To Single/Multiple Customers

Adding multiple tags to single/multiple customers is just a matter of separating each tag with a comma for each customer.

Adding Tags To All Customers

To add tags to all customers at once, enter a single tag or a comma separated list of tags in the “Add Bulk Tags” input box and clicking “Add Tags”.

Filtering Customers By Tag

To filter the customers you have in your list, choose a tag to filter from the “Filter Customers” dropdown. This allows you to only show customers tagged with that specific tag from the dropdown. When filtering, the “Add Bulk Tags” box will only add tags to the filtered customers rather than all of the customers on a store.

Removing Tags

Tags can be removed individually or all at once. To individually remove tags, select the tag you want to remove. The tag box will turn red and the “Add Tags” box will now say “Remove Tags”.

To remove multiple tags all at once, select all of the tags you want to remove. The tag box will turn red and the “Add Tags” box will now say “Remove Tags”. This will allow you to remove all of the selected tags.

In Conclusion

Wrapping up, Shopify tags can be a very useful tool to add additional features for specific customers such as private collections based on customer tags, private products based on customer tags, and can even be used to serve customized pages for specific tagged customers.

Dalton B
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