22 Aug

Apps, NewLeaf, And You

NewLeaf has recently moved into the realm of developing apps proper following the successful launch of Obria’s Telemedicine app. The same attention to detail, post-project support, modern design, and cross-platform compatibility expected of our websites translates completely to the applications that we develop – be they desktop applications intended to be loaded within a website, or mobile applications (like the aforementioned Telemedicine app.) NewLeaf pours the involved process into the creation of these applications, and you can therefore expect to see concept boards, wireframes, design mocks, and developmental updates and builds with the same frequency as the websites that we design.

We do all of this to make NewLeaf that much more attractive to you as a full-service web developer; now you won’t have to go out and find another developer that specializes in app design to complement the website you’re creating, because we can just do both (and that helps a great deal with maintaining consistent styling across website and app.) Additionally, if you’re here just have an app made, then step right in, because NewLeaf does not require you to have a website project running concurrently with your app project – the beginnings of a hot new app or neat web solution is just a click away.

Hands On With Our Apps

If you’re interested in a hands-on demo with the kind of work we do, then consider downloading and playing around with Obria’s Telemedicine app, available through Google Play and the App Store.

More Information

The process behind the creation of mobile apps and custom solutions is detailed on this page mobile apps. If you are immediately interested in starting on a web solution, mobile app or would like more information on the goings-on of NewLeaf, head to our contact page and get in touch with us for all the information you could ever want, or browse over our other available services.

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