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Sometimes you can’t get what you want across in just a webpage – perhaps you need your page to do something that goes beyond standard web pages, or perhaps you want to offer a deep and complex experience to visitors. Maybe you’d like a live chat option for those with questions or concerns, or perhaps you envisioned your site using a fully-featured, robust appointment scheduling program; it’s in situations like these that NewLeaf can help by offering you a custom solution to your problem. Your solution is custom in the truest sense: it is turned into something more concrete on paper (whether you provide it for us or we whip it up) and then pushed through a series of steps similar to our webpage and mobile app development to create your final product.



It all starts with an idea, doesn’t it? Whether it’s just thoughts from the ether or a concrete proposal bound in leather, NewLeaf can work off ideas in all shapes and get them down onto (virtual) paper.


Your ideas become ConceptBoards and wireframes, allowing both you and us to better understand the flow of the app, tweak problem points, improve user experience and even catch the odd missing feature or redundancy. It’s a process that is as involved as the app is – sometimes a frame is short and sweet, and other times they’re like navigating city maps.


Frames make your idea into words and boxes that give you a vision of the app. Design is where that vision is made manifest. Colors, styling, fonts, branding – design is where all the visual magic happens, and it’s also where we take in your feedback to keep the feel of the app in line with that vision.


Before we code things in stone, it’s important to give you (as well as ourselves) an understanding of how the app functions both visually and in practice, which is exactly where prototypes come into play. They replicate (as much as they can) how the app functions through use of mocks and our prototyping program.


When a prototype has undergone its revisions it is pushed to the development team to be made into an app proper. It’s here that the dev team codes out the actual functionality for the app and breathes life into your project, along with picking up on any issues that might have slipped passed us in framing, design and prototyping (which given the limitations of each of those steps, is entirely possible.)


We don’t skimp on QA testing – we search long for bugs, test across multiple browsers, and examine as many angles of approach as we can once a web app has been properly coded. We fix what we find as we go and also forward you the freshly baked app to let you play with it and possibly find kinks that need to be smoothed out.


No matter how much quality assurance you do, you cannot stop browsers from updating, and with those updates there is always a chance that bugs crop up. We can’t promise you that we’ll future proof your app from bugs, that’s impossible, but we do keep our ear to the ground on bugs that do come up on the app when new browser versions roll around and work to get them fixed.

That’s our process from start to finish, and we run it with every app we custom build. If you need a custom solution yourself, get in touch with NewLeaf – whether you’re in Santa Ana, Tustin, Irvine, or somehwere else in Orange County, the team here at our Lake Forest office is ready to help you grow.

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