What mobile friendly means and why it is important.


Most websites work well on larger devices, such as desktop computers and laptops, the most common issues with full-size devices is browser compatibility.

Browser compatibility refers to how well a website loads in each of the internet viewing programs. The four most widely-used browsers today are Internet Explorer, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome. When we build your site, we ensure proper functionality in every one of these modern browsers. Because each browser renders, or interprets, code slightly differently, it is important to keep this in mind while creating the site and make sure that your new website passes with flying colors.

This, and what’s detailed on the rest of this page, all factors into responsiveness. Making a site’s pages responsive greatly improves the user experience and ensures that they can view your site on the greatest number of platforms without any formatting errors and display errors.

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Over the past 5 years tablet internet browsing has become almost as popular as regular desktop browsing; many web users and potential customers might even exclusively own a tablet for their word processing and internet browsing.

Mobile responsiveness applies to tablets as well; all modern browsers should display properly at both horizontal and vertical orientations because it is critical to increasing conversion rates – we make sure to give tablets the attention they need. We do this by making sure that we test your newly developed website at each of these various dimensions so that it loads properly and has a custom look for each width.

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Mobile Phones

Last, but certainly not least, are mobile phones. Developing for phones is perhaps the most important thing a business can do if it wants to maximize its ability to reach out to as many potential clients as it can. Consider that the average American checks their phone roughly twice an hour (or three times an hour if you set aside 8 hours for sleep) and you’ll see why mobile responsiveness is so important.

Generally, what limits a user when making a purchase, interestingly enough, is the fact that it can’t be done easily from their phone – so the business loses a sale. If you ensure your sites are mobile responsive and well designed, you won’t have to worry about losing out on the mobile phone client base.

Our team makes sure that your website loads properly and quickly on all modern mobile phones so that you don’t have to go out and buy one of every smartphone that exists and test it yourself. We can even provide screenshots of each device’s view upon request.

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