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Showcase Products


NewLeaf Studios brings a selection of new services to the family of services already available through NewLeaf Web, and one of those is professional photography. We ensure that our photos have all been optimized for the web so you never have an issue with displaying them on your site nor do you take a hit to the SEO of the page you display them on.

Raging Mammoth
Wander Outfitters
Buff Bake

For photos intended to showcase lifestyles and draw specific attention to whatever you want to, we can take the photos you need.


When you need to take pictures of the product you sell, be it a dozen or hundreds, we can help you with professionally taken, high-quality images of your product. We also perform cut-outs for your product, making the background for each product image transparent and perfect for overlaying on webpages.


NewLeaf Studios has experience creating music videos and can create one for you or your band.

Video Solutions

NewLeaf Studios is a branch of NewLeaf Web, and it is dedicated to producing quality video for you and your company – whether you need an event filmed or products highlighted in a short vignette, we can help.

NewLeaf Studios is an ideal solution for your video needs if you need the following:

Corporate Videos

Commercial Videos

If you are intending to create a product showcase, or draw attention to a particular product (perhaps a new release).


Some videos are intended to simply inform customers of a piece of news or company changes – NewLeaf Studios can make them for you.


If you want to spotlight your company or organization and create an informative video on what it is you do, who you are, and what your mission is.


Perhaps a series of infographics, or a set of sweeping changes to the company or product lines – graphic videos can communicate a wide variety of information.


Similar to product highlights, these videos are usually intended to provide an in-depth examination of a product and its features.


When you need to have a talking head in a video, NewLeaf can plan out, film and edit an interview styled video to help you directly communicate with whoever you want to reach out to.

Artistic Videos


NewLeaf Studios has experience creating music videos and can create one for you or your band.


For short-form films, be they informational or artistic, NewLeaf Studios has experience in telling stories and can help create one for you.

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