Pay-Per-Click Advertising

What is pay-per-click advertising?

PPC & Online Advertising 101

Simply put, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising revolves around the advertiser paying the host of site per click an ad placed on the host site generates – these ads are generated when a keyword or set of keywords are entered into the website or search engine. For websites interested in getting exposure quickly, this option exists to allow you to contact high traffic sites (like Google) and pay to get exposure. NewLeaf is a certified Google Partner too, so we know what we’re doing with AdWords if you decide to opt for an AdWords PPC campaign.


Traditional Ads Explained

Standard Text Ads Based on Users Searches

These ads manifest as “sponsored” ads and take precedence over all search results – they precede the results generated by the engine that are not PPC as well as on sidebars for the website. When displayed on websites that aren’t search engines, they typically take the form of banners that head the site, foot the site and sidebars along the site. These ads are known by almost every regular user of the internet – for better or for worse.

Display Ads Explained

Banner Ads and Interactive HTML 5 Video Ads

Display ads usually manifest as advertisements that use a mixture of text, images or video and/or audio to general visitors to a website. Sponsored posts, tweets, and videos, along with banner ads usually fall into this category and are likely to be found outside of search engine sites, like Facebook and Twitter.


What is PPC ad management?


Why PPC Ad Management Improves Performance

PPC advertising requires management; a list of keywords need to be compiled into lists to allow the site hosting your ads to know when to generate them (as a website will not generate ads for your site when they are not pertinent to keywords that are being searched or entered.) This management can be confusing and taxing and as such NewLeaf is ready to assist you in creating tight lists of keywords to ensure that your site is advertised correctly and precisely, increasing turnover and preventing your ads from falling on blind eyes. We’re also a Google Partner, which means we’ve done our homework on getting AdWords to work for us, not against us – and that’ll make a huge difference for your ads.


At your side!

We’re confident we can keep you eligible because NewLeaf is a certified Google Partner, a title which means that we’ve gone ahead and jumped through the hoops Google has set up for companies wishing to prove their mettle with the AdWords platform. Being a Partner does more than just grant us a nifty looking badge, it means that this simple badge represents our understanding of the AdWords platform and its various functions, from set-up to restructuring to complete redesign.

Having that knowledge also means we’ll avoid the pitfalls that could make you ineligible because we know what the pitfalls are, and what constitutes good ads. After all, we had to take a test to prove that!

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