Search Engine Optimization

What is search engine optimization?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

How does search engine marketing help your business? SEM is critical to any business that relies on the internet and their website for it’s main source of income or sales leads.

When a user searches for a product or a service, search engines like Google and Bing populate results that their confidential algorithms deem the “most relevant” for the users search phrase, or, “keyword.”

What can a business owner do about this? They can optimize the content on their website to “spoon feed” the search engines what they are looking for so to speak. While these algorithms are complicated we can help outline a plan to help.


How SEO Works

Robots & Crawlers, Keyword Linking, and More.

Search Engine Spider
Crawl The Internet
Analyzing Website Content
Search Engines Simplified

Search engines use an algorithm of code that “crawls” your website’s content. These “crawlers” are often referred to as “robots.” Search Engine Robots crawl a site and save the information.

Let’s take Google for example. Google loves information so it crawls your site and saves all the data, the images, the text copy, the placement of it, and the code. Then when a potential customer searches for a keyword it determines if your website’s content is appropriate (most “relevant”) to provide as a result.

With hundreds if not thousands of websites likely having similar content to yours how does it decide who gets top placement? This all comes down to three major criteria which covered below.


SEO Tactics

What we do for your SEO.

Robot Friendly
  • Clean Code (Simplified)
  • Coded to W3 Standards
  • ALT & Title Tags
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Fast Load/Response Times
  • Small/Compressed File Sizes
  • Content Delivery Network
  • Web Server Configuration
Content Arrangement
  • Header Tags (H1 H2 H3 etc.)
  • Bold & Italicized Keywords
  • URL Keywords
  • Outbound Links
Creating Search Engine Friendly Content

After creating a solid plan for a website’s SEO we help our clients create content that is curated specifically for the search robots to help categorize your site as being “relevant” for your desired key phrases. As mentioned before, search engine bots look for content to be arranged in a very specific manner. This wasn’t always the case – originally a page could be “stuffed” with a keyword and forcibly ranked higher regardless of its relevance to the keyword it was stuffed with. Over the years these bots have been built to recognize this as spam and not only does this tactic not work but it can significantly hurt your rankings.

So how do you rank now that these bots are so smart? Search engines now look for natural and original content. These crawlers can even recognize if a site is plagiarizing another site’s content and will demote the copycat. Original content is extremely important to SEO. Following originality there are ways to make sure that a keyword is highlighted well but not overly used. Utilizing special tags like H1, H2, and H3 tags can help identify which words you would like to emphasize without overdoing it.

There are so many other things that go into curating content for your website and you can read about them on our blog or you can give us a ring and we can help initiate a plan for your business.

Here is one example of a client that we have helped rank for some key phrases: Liquipel waterproofs mobile electronic devices and we helped them rank for “Waterproof iPhone.”

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